Do you love glitter?
Do you wear glitter any chance you get-even if it's not a "special" occasion?
Is your bedroom or bathroom (or both) covered with glitter?
Do you find random flakes of glitter on your boyfriend and you know it's just from being around you?
I have always loved glitter. I love wearing it, decorating with it, i just love it ok!?!?

This clique is for anyone who loves Glitter. If you would like to join take a code, post it on your site. I stopped keeping track of people because I don't have time for that. :)

email me

please vote for glitter :)

Choose a code and upload it to your own server. If you direct link, you'll just get a litte box that says "tripod". If you would like to donate a code, that's awesome! Just email it to me @ You will get credit, of course!

thank you SO much